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Success is the fulfulment of your desire...Success is the attainment of your cherished goal...Succdess is a combination of many charastericts and qualities...Think big and think high to succeed...Fortune always favours the brave...One man with courage makes a majority...Kites rise not with the wind but against...

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In this page you will find the inspiration and  tips to success and victory


-Surendra Kumar Sachdeva


     Success is the fulfillment of your desire.  It is getting what you want and achieving what you are after.  In a nutshell, success is the attainment of your cherished goal.  Therefore, to start with, you must have a well defined and attainable goal or objective.  Make up your resources like manpower, money, material, effort, know-how, time etc., in a planned  manner.  Success does not depend upon one quality or characteristic but often on a combination of many.  Talent is not restricted to your professional competence and expertise.  It includes ideas, adaptability, influencing ability, organizing capacity and other related dynamic and leadership qualities.  There is money in ideas, sometimes very big money is small, simple ideas.  The famous dictum, "Think and grow rich" underscores this aspect.  You should be honest and render good service for fair payment.  No matter what you do, you can make a success of it, if only you give people what they need and ant in full value and at competitive cost.  Service makes for success and good service with a smile is a must for success and all other achievements.  An essential ingredient of success is positive thinking.  It is your determination and 'will' to succeed that matter most to crown your efforts with success.  Despite all obstacles, you can always will your way to victory.  "Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can."  Hence, by controlling, channelising and organizing your thoughts, you decide destiny and fashion your fate.  If you think you will win, you WILL certainly WIN.  You have to think big and think high to lead and succeed.  One has to make up his mind and follow it with a resolute determination and unwavering faith in his mission, no matter what obstacles come in the way.  Ultimate success is only of such brave hearts who take a plunge and come out triumphant from the turbulent waters whereas the timid-hearted stand on the shore only assessing and re-assessing their chances of success.  Such weak-minded people meet only failure in life.  Remember 'fortune always favours the brave'.  So be brave and dashing, you are sure to be crowned with success.  Further to strengthen our thoughts and gain knowledge, we must plan our reading and then read regularly, read professionally and read widely.  Reading enables us to learn from others as their expense.  It saves the wear and tear on us of trial and error, and helps us from committing avoidable mistakes.  The time factor should always be kept in mind, which implies that non-selective reading can make your whole schedule go haywire and stem the process of purposeful learning.  Hence, make it a point to go for only such reading materials as would prove the most fruitful for for achieving your cherished goals.                                                                                                                                                      

The First Step to Success                                                                                                                                                                    TOP

   Courage is victory and confidence spells success.  Be bold, dare and do.  It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but it is the size of the fight in the dog that counts.  If you are not afraid, you can do anything.  You have to have the courage to stand up to defeat, spot your opportunity and turn defeat into victory.  One man with courage makes a majority.  Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.  Defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out.  Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune but great minds rise above it.  Meet every adverse circumstance as its master and do not let it mater you.  Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.  Adversity is the prosperity if the great.  Kites rise, not whit, but against the wind.  Nothing that comes too easily is worth having.  When you want success, you must be ready to pay the price which includes braving failures and setbacks and persisting with your efforts till te goal is won.  Achieving success demands total effort.  One has to resist temptations and defy distractions.  If you want to get there badly enough, nothing can stop you.  There are no hopeless situations.  There are only people who have grown helpless about them.  If you persevere, keep the pressure and hand on long enough, you can wear  down any opposition and overcome any obstacle.  It is more often the fear of failure rather than failure itself that cripples one's creativity and inhibits the initiative.  To conquer fear is then the beginning of wisdom and the first step to success.    The reasons for failure may seem staggering if viewed collectively, but looked at individually they will no longer be that formidable.  You can either be discouraged and defeated  by failure, or you can learn from it and use it as the stepping stone to success.  It is a fallacy as well as a folly to think that failure is the enemy of success.  On the other hand, it is a great teacher -- a harsh one, no doubt, but the best.  Don't be afraid of making mistakes or meeting failures.  Often success surfaces on the far side of failure.  Failure is not fatal; it can verily be the stepping stone for success, if you can put failure to work for you.  The ability to profit from it contributes to lasting success. Making mistakes is not a crime, but repeating one is.  Everybody fails at some time.  Extract the lesson to be learnt from failure and try again with redoubled vigour.  There is no failure save in giving up; no real fall, so long as one still tries.  Continuous effort itself implies the power to rise.  Seeming setbacks make the strong still wiser and spur them on to greater efforts.  There is no defeat in truth save from within; unless we are beaten there, we are bound to win.  To dare is great, but to bear is greater.  Bravery we share with brutes, fortitude with saints.  If you have never failed, it is an easy guess that you have never known a high success.  The hardest man in the world to beat is the man who laughs in the face of defeat.                                                                                                                                                                                                        TOP

Life is what you make it                                                                                                                                                                             

     Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.  Believe you can, and act on that belief and certainly you will succeed.  You cannot but win, so long as your faith remains unshaken and your will unbroken.  Anything accomplished by any other human being can most certainly be accomplished by us as well.  In fact, if we try harder, we can accomplish a lot more.  Everything we find some record or the other being shattered and a new one established.  Each year sees new progress made in almost every field.  The success story of every great one proclaims that whatever one's chosen field of activity, if he or she works hard, works with faith, works with concentration and determination he or she will positively reach the top and crown himself with sure success.

     Firm must be your will, patient your heart and passionate your aspiration to attain the fulfillment of your great goal.  All the performances of great human art, unbelievable discoveries  and miraculous feats of scientific achievements, which we regard as wonders are nothing but perseverance in disguise.

     How a man does what he does determine  whether he will get out of it maximum results with minimum input.  Thus, the how of work constitutes its technique or know-how.  In other words, technique or know-how refers to getting superior results out of using the same amount of resources and effort, more skillfully.  The best way to rise above the crowd is to do the ordinary thing in an extraordinary way.   Doing the ordinary can become an extraordinary experience producing extraordinary results, if we do the ordinary thing  with extraordinary enthusiasm or if we introduce into the ordinary some new technique or skill.  The emerge as the champion one has to put all he has into every punch.

     Anyone can learn from experience, the costly and time-consuming process of trial and error.  But the better way is to learn and benefit from the experience of others who have travelled our way before us.  Their experience is gold for the taking.  To profit by the experience of others, introducing possible improvements and innovations is the mark of a thinking man.    What we call luck is simply pluck and perseverance .  It is doing things over and over again with  courage, faith and will power.  We get out of life just what we put into it.  No one gets anything worthwhile by accident.  Our hidden desires motivate and drive us to work towards the fulfillment of our goals consciously.  Biographies of great people proclaim that life is what we make it .                                                                                                                                                          TOP

 Life is a long battle                                                                                                                                                                                           

         Life is a long battle and this battle is won only by them who have got courage and conviction.  If you have decided to achieve a goal in life, face every challenge or obstacle in a positive way and do not allow yourself to be carried away by it.  Nor should you try to keep away from it.  By defying it and doing away with it, you move a step forward towards your goal and get a feeling that you can certainly achieve it.  It is not that you will succeed in all your efforts.  But you have to carry on your endeavours with conviction and without getting disheartened. 

          In the Gita, Lord Krishna says,

“KarmaNyeEvAdhikAraste mA phaleshu kadAchana |

mA karmaphalahEturbhUrmA thE saNgOtsavakarmaNi||”

        Thou have a right to action, but only to action, never to its fruits; let not the fruits of thy work be thy motive, neither let there be in three any attachment to inactivity).

          The great saint philosopher Swami Vivekananda has tried to explain this message of the Gita in very clear and simple words.  He says that you can do your work without getting attached to it, if you know a simple truth.  He gives the analogy of thorns.  To take out a thorn which torments you, you use another thorn and when the thorn is taken out you throw both the thorns.  You never preserve the second one.  He tells us to treat our work in the same manner.  To accomplish you work, you use every good and honest means possible.  But you should never get attached to your work, because in such a case the work will become more important than its execution.  Nor the fruits of action should be your motive, because it is not up to you to foresee the fruits.  In the greatest battle ever fought – “Mahabharat” – there is an episode “Jayadratha Vadh”.  Enraged by the unlawful assassination of his son Abhimanyu by King Jayadratha, the greatest archer, Arjuna, takes a vow that if he fails to kill King Jayadratha before Sunset, he will immolate himself. Lord Krishna tells him that it does not behave a great warrior like him to pronounce such words, because he is supposed to fight the battle in a detached manner.  As Arjuna has taken a vow, now his attention is bound to get distracted.  King Jayadratha’s assassination has now become secondary and Sunset became a priority.  Arjuna realizes his mistake, but it is too late now.  He has taken a vow and he has to abide by it.  This episode gives us a clear message that all that one is supposed to do is action without getting attached to it.  While telling us about the essence of the Gita, Swami Vivekananda tells us that we should not do a slave’s work, because a slave does a work under compulsion.  He tells us to be the master of our action and suggests to us that we should do our work like a father.  The father brings his offspring up and enjoys it.  While rearing a child, a father never wants anything in return.  He does his work with great detachment.               TOP




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