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Music Pallavi Doraswamy Iyer (1752-1786)
Karnataka Music       Pallavi Doraswamy Iyer is a contemporary to Music Trinity.  He was born in Tiruvayyur .  Father
Tyagaraja Kritis Sri Suryanarayana, Mother Seshi.  His father was a Vainika in the Court of Sri Sarabhoji Maharaj of
Syama Sastry Kritis Tanjavur. He lived only  for 34 years. He has composed several krithis in Karnataka Music.
Dikshitar Kritis  
Muthaiah Bhagavatar

Tansen (1493 – 1586):

Thyagaraaja Special        Imagine a person, who could turn every sound into music.  With no exaggeration, Tansen could
GN Balasubramaniam literally play any sound and transform it into mellifluous music.  A man who in the truest meaning of the
Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar word, revolutionized and refined the India Music, Tansen can be referred to as a luminous star on the
Mysore T Chowdaiah horizon of Indian Classical Music. Undeniably a man who redefined music in India, when it was  on the
Nedunuri Kirhna Murthy verge of extinction under the suffocating and paralyzing influence of wars, Tansen has a place assured
  among the immortals.  When Tansen blended the subtleties of Indian Classical music with the profound
Hindustani Music fluidity of Arabic and Persian music, the confluence touched ethereal qualities that gave him and his music
Folk Music an immortal status.  Chief among the nine jewels –  the Navratnas –  in the court of Mughal Emperor
Western Music Akbar, he was master of both vocal and instrumental music.  Delineated by the legends as a musician with
Cinema Music mystical powers, Tansen’s life exemplifies the fire of talent fueled by  the right training that emerges
Old is Gold beyond the understanding of commoners – hallmark of a creative genius.
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