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Comedy King Brahmanandam finds place in Guinness Book of Records for having  acted in 754 films in a single language for over 20 years...Fastest wind speed ever recorded is 318 Miles per hour ...







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 All men by nature desire knowledge      - Aristotle

Guinness World Records  is a one stop solution to your knowledge needs.  
Limca Book of Records  Guinness World Records                                                                                                      People may wish to see their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.  But for many it’s only a  
Olympic Records -Men

dream.  If some got their name recorded in the Guinness Book by achieving the tasks impossible by virtue of

Olympic Records -Women

their uniqueness in Brilliance, technological knowledge; some others by showing their talent in collection of

World Outdoor Records Men

things, growing their nails, hair, beard, singing for hours together without any break etc. The records book

World Outdoor Records Women

was first published on 27th August 1955 with the famous and wonderful events world wide and released with a


name “The Guinness Book of Records.” All the copies were sold out in record time and found place in the


records book as “a book that sold a great number of copies.”  This was started by Sir Hugo Beaver, a Director


of Guinness Brewery in England.  He had achieved with the coordination of Naris Mc Wirtor, Ros Mc Wirtor


the owners of a research organization.  Ross died in 1975.  Naris died in 2004 due to ill-health.  Subsequently


Sir, Hugo Beaver changed the name to that of “Guinness Book of World Records.”  Earlier the records in the


Book are registered in a miscellaneous manner.  So that it was taking much time to search the item exactly


looking for.  Those responsible for Guinness Book of records subsequently classified the records into 8


sections to overcome the trouble of beating in the bushes.  They are 1.  Human anatomy, 2. Natural World,


3. Science and Technology, 4. Wonders 5. Arts, 6. History and Society 7. Tourism 8. Sports.


Telugu people who recorded their names in Guinness Book of World Records are:


Cine Producer Sri D. Rama Naidu - produced a number of films that no body in the world could produce. 


Dasari Narayana Rao directed so many films.  Smt. Vijaya Nirmala, woman director who directed a record


number of Films.  Manorama, a Tamil actress acted in so many films as comedian.  Comedy King


Brahmanandam finds place in Guinness Book of Records for having  acted in 754 films in a single


 language (Telugu) for 20 years.  Guinness Book of Records sent a letter to him in this regard.  A.P. State


Road Transport Corporation (2004) for having highest number (19,250) Buses, as a transport organization.


Ravi Raja Jayasimha of Hyderabad had recorded his name for his memory (July 2005) .  He has reproduced


the names of 200 articles while closing eyes only after seeing them for a while.  But his own disciple


Narayanam Nischal who is student of 6th class in Gitanjali Public school Hyderabad broke his record by


reproducing 250 items (2006). The office of the Guinness Book of World Records is located in London.  Those


who wish to record their names may contact the following address:


Guinness World Records Limited, C.R.M.Department, 8th Floor, Ustan Road, LONDON nw 1,3bd, United


Kingdom.  Ph. No. ++44 870 241 6632, Fax: ++44 207 891 4501.


It  take’s nearly ten weeks to answer the request.  The office will be receiving nearly more than 70,000

  applications.  A doubt may haunt so may regarding the fees they charge for recording the name.  If fact, the  
  GB will not charge any money.  One need not pay for recording their achievement.  If any one requires urgent  
  reply they have to pay certain fee upto £ 250 (nearly Rs. 20,000/-) for ‘Fast Track Service’ and the incidental  
  expenditure of the representatives of the GBR for confirmation of certain procedures when  
  required.                                                                                                                           Back to Top  
  Limca Book of Records  

          It is popularly known as “Indian Guinness Book.”  The book that acquired the name, fame, recognition and importance as that of Guinness Book of World Records.  Those who are failed to get their name recorded


 in Guinness Book of World Records do wish to register their names in this Limca Book of Records.  This book


took its life in the year 1990.  This is a book of records published by Indians for Indians.  But the records are


not confined to that of Indian only, but include the world records.  This book follows the procedures that were


established and followed by the Guinness Book.


Address:  Limca Book of Records, c/o Coca Cola India, N.K. Towers, Udyog Vihar-V, Gurgaon – 122106.  Phone


No. 0124-634 8130, Fax: 0124-634 8130, email:                                                                                Back to Top




Wind Speed

           Fastest wind speed ever recorded is 318 Miles per hour    (Guinness)  

SP Blasubramayam -  cinema (songs) career turns 40 years


         His rendition of songs for Sankaraabharanam 26 years back gave a turning point. He sang  40,000


songs    7 languages.   Recorded his first song on Dec15 1966 in Vijaya Recording Theatre for  S.P.


Kodandapani  in the   film Sri Sri Sri Maryada Raamanna“Raave kaavya suma baala javaraala priyuraala".  




Oldest Woman                                                                                                                                                      114 year old Connecticut resident Emma Faust Tillman who was born on November 22, 1892 to former

  slaves in North Carolina has became the oldest validated woman "Super centenarian" (World's oldest known  
  woman) after the death of a 115 year old Canadian woman Julie Winifred Bertrand of Montreal. Ms. Tillman,  
  widowed for almost 70 years, says she has not secrets for other Super centenarians.   It was stated that she  
  never smoked, never drank, did not need glasses and agreed to wear a hearing aid only reluctantly.  
                                                                                                                                          Back to Top  

Woman's Record in Space - Sunita Williams Space Walk                                                                      U.S. astronaut Sunita Williams, of Indian-American origin, has now spent more time walking in space than

  any other woman.  She set the record as she and a crewmate upgraded the international space station's  
  cooling system.   Ms. Williams broke the previous women's space walking record of more than 21 hours on  
  Sunday the 4th February 2007 when she and Michael Lopez-Alegria completed the second of what could be a  
  precedent-setting three spacewalks in nine days.  The new record of 22 hours and 27 minutes includes her  
  two most recent walks, as well as a spacewalk in December 2006.  During Sunday's space walk which lasted  
  more than seven hours, small amounts of toxic ammonia leaked from a fluid line.  The liquid ammonia, which  
  freezes into flames when it hits the vacuum of space, did not appear to touch either astronaut.  Mission  
  Control told them to continue their task of hooking up ammonia fluid lines from a temporary cooling system   
  to a permanent one.  Ammonia could cause respiratory problems for the three-person crew if enough of it got  
  into the space station.  Once they were back in the space station's airlock, Mission Control made the  
  astronauts test for contamination.  The test was negative.                                                      Back to Top  

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